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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 15, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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debate analysis and reaction. we kick it off at 10:00. record it, set your dvr. we take attendance and it hurts our feelings when you're not here, have a great night. see you tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> it's disgusting what's happening to our country. we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. we are. >> more tough talk from donald trump in front of 20,000 fans in dallas last night. will mr. trump continue his aggressive posture during tomorrow's debate? we will ask him. >> we have very bad signals. we have a very huge wave of migrants and it's a disaster. >> who is really at fault as europe is being overrun by muslims? tonight we will point the finger. >> kind hearted young man. tough as nails. i'm devastated.
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>> also ahead, reports say the criminal who killed state trooper joseph ponder was a black lives matter sympathizer. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the talking points memo on the exploding muslim invasion will be in our third segment this evening. but you we lead in w. a new poll from cbs. it says republican primary voters prefer donald trump and dr. ben carson by a wide margin over the rest of the field. mr. trump at 27% is up three points from early august. dr. carson at 23% up a whopping 17 points. but there is a cautionary question. republicans were asked is your mind made up or is it too early to be sure? 37% say made up.
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63% too early. joining us now from his golf club in los angeles, california. is is the republican frontrunner donald trump. first of all, do you study to prepare for the debate tomorrow? do you do any research or anything like that at all? >> i have to start off by saying i am not playing golf. i'm working out here at trump national and amazing place on the pacific. i'm only working. i'm not playing golf. i haven't played golf for a long time. believe me. as far as the research, i have sort of been doing it for the last 30 years, i guess. i don't know how you can prepare for something. i hear everybody is coming after me. we had one poll at 40 in thamp. 40 in second place i think it was 12 or something. they are all coming after me is what i hear and whatever it is it is. let's see what happens. >> you are going to go in and wing it people should know you are not allowed to bring in any notes. you are not allowed to bring any weapons. in you can't have you know, a samurai sword. you can't have a piece of paper and a pen just like i
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do here. you north going to wear the hat tomorrow night at the debate. are you? are you going to wear the hat? >> no, i'm only wearing it today because it's so windy out here on the pacific. the wind is pretty strong. i have too much respect for your program. >> and beside, if you have the hat they can't make fun of the hair. >> that's true. >> you had a big crowd in dallas last night. a lot of people watch your speech on tv. outside had you a couple of thousand demonstrators, hispanics primarily. >> no, no, no. we didn't have a couple of thousand. they had a very, very small group. we had thousands of hispanics inside that were cheering louder than anybody we had a very, very small group. actually reported there was going to be 4,000 people and turned out to be 2,000. it turned out to be about 1,000 people. very few protesters. >> my question is does that bother you that they were out there? does that bother you? >> no. because inside i had 20,000 people and it was a love fest.
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it was incredible. as you know the american airlines center where the mavericks play it was packed and it was an amazing event. again, we had everybody. we had the tea party. we had the evangelicals. we had hispanics. we had rich, we had poor. we had everybody. it was an salute sloot incredit absolute incredible evening. >> mr. trump, the club for growth which is a conservative economic group says that you are a high tax guy and very liberal economically. what is your tax program specifically? >> i'm going to announce it in three weeks i'm actually lowering taxes especially for the middle class. the hedge funds guys are going to have to pay because they pay practically nothing, peanuts. i'm lowering taxes overall. lowering for corporations. club for growth is a phony outfit. they came to my office a few
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months ago. they asked me for a million dollars. i said. no right after i told them no because i don't even know who these people are. right after i told them no they came out with a negative kind of an ad. just so i you understand. i'm lowering taxes. i'm not raising taxes. >> on me. >> i make a lot of money. not as much as you do. but i make a lot of money. so what is a fair rate, tax rate for me to pay for the federal government? >> well, i'm announcing it in three weeks, bill. go down a little bit. >> 40? what? >> no, no, no. much lower. your taxes are going to go down a little bit even though you make a hell of a lot of money. the middle income is really going to go down big league. and hopefully we are going to simplify to a point where h and r block is going to be put out of business. because the people to pay them a fortune because of the complexities. so we are going to be -- i think you are going to be very happy. we are going to be lowering taxes and make it really good. we're going to bring back
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the middle class. the hedge fund guys won't be that happy but they will still make a lot of money. by the way, bill, importantly. >> announce in three weeks they will say you are dodging and all of that. the other guys are going. >> no, i'm not dodging. >> that's what they are going it say. >> i'm not dodging. very importantly, taxes are going down and corporate taxes are going to go down and we are going to put people to work again and going to bring jobs back from china and mexico and japan and all of the other places that are stealing our jobs. and we're going to have an economy that's going to be booming again. because right now it's a disaster. >> okay. now, you are close and personal friend hillary clinton who went to your wedding and i'm sure gave you a nice present. she says she wants to debate you about women. all right? that you don't understand women and your policies are going to hurt women. are you up for a one-on-one debated with hillary clinton over women? >> i love it. and i will tell you what, i have great respect. in fact, my wife and my daughter wanted me ivanka and millan i can't wanted me
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to really discuss it because they know the respect i have for women. they know i cherish women and i am going to take care of women, women's health issues. jeb bush is a disaster he came out and says he doesn't want to give them any kind of a subsidy to help them with women's health. he said he misspoke. that is too late. take care of women better than hillary will take care of women. that, i can tell you. hillary was the worst secretary of state. >> we know that. we know that i have got to challenge you on the women thing. >> all right. go ahead. >> planned parenthood, another damning video today comes out. one of their top executives are saying hey, i don't want to talk about the harvesting of baby parts but you know what we do it and everybody knows they do it and they make money doing it planned parenthood. basically aborting babies. aborting them in a way that they can remove them from the woman and cut them up and sell their body parts for money. okay. a lot of conservatives want to defund planned parenthood, period. no more government money in
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the face of this horrendous exposition. here it is tonight. you have got to answer this yes or no. would you vote to defund planned parenthood? yes or no? >> yes, i have seen it. and i think you know my stance on it. i have seen the video. bill, i have seen the videos. you think it's a disgrace. >> it. >> the answer is i would vote to defund, yes. >> i'm glad you answered that like that. not because editorially but because i have got three more questions. ben carson is your main competition. now, are you going to call him dr. wellby tomorrow? is he a mediocre doctor? are you going to do that tomorrow? are you? >> no, i like ben carson. he is not a deal maker and we need somebody in this country that's going to get rid of the 19 trillion in debt that's going to bring back our jobs. that's going to bring back our manufacturing. >> he says he is going to do that. >> well, he is not going to do that you have to have that and, you know, like it's one of those things, he won't have that ability, in my opinion. >> all right. but you are not going to
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call him a pinhead or anything like that. >> great ability for doing that. >> you are not going to question his faith or not going to do any of that. >> no, i wouldn't do that at all. it depends on what he does with me. >> oh, no, no, you should take a pledge that you are not going to do it no matter what he does. last question. >> look, i don't know who is coming from where. i hear everybody is going to be hitting me because. >> i would if i were there. i would hit you with a pie. if i were there, i would hit with you everything i had because you are the leader. all right. they have got to get attention. and you know it's coming. last question. the press. you said last night in dallas, generally speaking, unfair to you. you really believe that or was that just hyperbole? >> no, no. i think generally speaking unfair. i met some political reporters who are sleuth horrible human beings and they are liars. ry have also dealt with some that are extremely "hardball," extremely talented and really good. i have met some very devious people. bad people in the world of
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politics. when i deal in finance it's easier maybe because it's numbers. i don't have complaints. i have met some very, very dishonest people dealing in politics. there is no question about that. >> all right. you are going to give a big address tonight. foreign policy address. we will be listening to that and we wish you the best in the debate as we wish the other 10 contenders and it's going to be very interesting and i hope you will come back soon and tell us about that experience. >> thank you, bill. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> next on the rundown, crowley and powers will respond to that interview. then, the muslim invasion, who is responsible for this? we'll point a finger and the factor is coming right back. bring us your aching... and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested and ready to enjoy the morning ahead aleve pm. the first to combine a safe sleep aid...
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powers. both fox news analysts. did you get anything out of that interview, powers. >> i did, to a certain extent you can see what his appeal is if you look at this interview because he is somebody who isn't cow tailing to the sort of usual sacred cows in washington. take club for growth, for example. most republican candidates i would dare to say all republican candidates feel like they have to appease that group. now, i will be interested to see what club for growth has to say about his claim that they basically wanted a million dollars from him. i think they probably have a bigger issue with him saying he is going to raise taxes, in particular on hedge fund. people but what i think what he said was pretty common sense, frankly. you know, let's cut taxes for working people. hedge fund people are going to have to pay a little bit more. that's not something typically speaking that the republican base wants to hear. it's interesting that he is -- that they found him so appealing. >> you sound like you want one of trump's hats and may vote for him. >> i'm trying to be objective and fair an balanced. >> why wouldn't you vote for him then if you admire his
8:15 pm
position on taxes why wouldn't you vote for him? >> well, i'm not so much saying that i admire it though it is something that one of the things. >> you just set he said it is common sense it? >> is common sense and i think that that's why a lot of people are drawn to him. but, no, i have a lot of concerns about him and i think that he says a lot of contradictory things. if you look at what he said about planned parenthood, that's a completely different tune that he was singing before. and he also attacked jeb bush. >> videos now to support this barbarity that they are doing. >> he basically attacked jeb bush for saying that he didn't think we needed to have healthcare subsidies and then he is saying that he would cut subsidies to planned parenthood. i think he says contradictory things. >> okay. you, of course, would vote for trump in a heart beat. >> in a second. >> in a second. you will get a hat and you are wearing it. >> i'm getting a hat. >> there is some truth to what powers is saying is that mr. trump does change his positions. so, you might be voting for someone that if he gets in there -- >> -- that is a true
8:16 pm
statement except right now i would say that the vast majority of his supporters don't care. his appeal. >> talking but, monica crowley is a ph.d. >> of course i care about positions and policy, right. i am saying at this moment in the campaign, most people don't care because his appeal. >> you are supporting trump. you would vote for trump? >> no, i'm not endorsing anybody here. >> you would vote for him? >> i'm appreciative of the movement. i have huge respect for what he is doing out there because his appeal to answer your question is simple common sense is, and they want pride in their country again. the president is a personification of how we want the country to act. donald trump gets out there. he pushes back. he slams our enemies. he stands up for himself. he stands up for americans who are sick and tired of being turned into the enemy in their own country. if they don't agree with the left wing agenda. he is unapologetically championing the country and people are responding to that. >> i have been very fair to trump i have also challenged
8:17 pm
him on a lot of things. aren't you worried if he were president and he calls the chinese leader a midget with a bad suit, hey, you midget with a bad suit it's china. aren't you worried that the president would be doing that? >> no, no, i'm not. >> you think this is an act? >> the time is very short to rescue this country, bill. we don't have time for nice things. the president called the chinese president. >> a midget? >> you are okay with that. >> if that's going to change chinese policy. turn the u.s. on trade and a whole bunch of other issues, god bless them. >> do you, pawrs, believe that the republican contenders, the others, will go after trump as he clearly believes they will tomorrow night? >> well, yes. i think that they will. but obviously there will be a price to pay, right? because he goes after the people who go after him and not in a very fair way. what i want to say i think, you know, i'm so alarmed by what monica just said. this idea that it doesn't really matter what he -- you
8:18 pm
know, is he all attitudal. i think if you listen to people they will tell you who they are. he has told us who he is. he says i'm an entertainer. we just heard from republicans, i remember when barack obama was running for office about how you don't want to have somebody who just entertains you and makes you feel good, right? so why are republicans doing that now with trump? >> all right. i want to correct the record. i have to go, all right? >> okay. >> he does freely admit to being entertainer. but his main emphasis is that he is a businessman who has built successful franchises and can build the country back. that's his main point. ladies, thanks very much. directly ahead we are seeing, perhaps, the biggest invasion of muslims in the history of mankind. who is at fault? i will tell you. then, later gutfeld and mcguirk with the republican debate preview. that could be trouble. upcoming. ♪
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deserves. in the face of islamic terrorism, the eu, not an equal partner with america, it let's us take most of the casualties and pay most of the bills. if a combined europe had stepped up in afghanistan, iraq, and syria the way it should have those conflicts would have been contained. a well coordinated american european power push would have crushed the jihadists a long time ago. and would have badly damaged iran as well. but europe has basically sat it out. thus, it was left to presidents bush and owe obama to manage the middle eastern mess and neither man could do it. president bush lost control of the iraq war and president obama has made things even worse. let's begin in october of 2011 when the brutal dictator qaddafi was killed in the libyan uprising. >> today, the government of libya announced the death of
8:24 pm
muammar qaddafi. this marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic libya. >> but the libyans did not get any opportunity to do anything. because europe and president obama got the hell out of that country as fast as possible leaving islamic militias to run wild. now, hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the chaos in libya and coming through libya. just two months after the qaddafi announcement you just saw, president obama removed all-american troops from iraq. our forces were providing stability in keeping were keeping iran from dominating iraq. nevertheless, mr. obama pulled the troops out. >> now, iraq is not a perfect place. it has many challenges ahead. but we're leaving behind a
8:25 pm
sovereign, stable, and self-reliant iraq with a representative government that was elected by its people. we're building a new partnership between our nations. >> in hindsight, that statement is ridiculous. as soon as our troops left iraq, the iranians moved in. persecuting the sunni minority who then allowed isis to take up residence. so, iraq, along with syria, became isis strong that was perhaps president obama's biggest foreign policy mistake. then, in 2013, mr. obama learned that syrian dictator assad was using poison gas to kill civilians, innocent people. mr. obama threatened assad with military action and europe should have immediately supported that, but the european leaders did nothing and mr. obama backed down. >> so even though i possess
8:26 pm
the authority to order military strikes, i believed it was right in the absence of a direct or eminent threat to our security to take this debate to congress. >> of course congress didn't do anything. and isis gained power in syria, murdering thousands of people along the way. now, millions of syrians are fleeing their own country, heading for turkey and europe. so you can see a combination of cowardice and bad policy has led to one the biggest mass migrations in history. in europe right now, the crisis is so intense the entire european union may collapse. eastern european countries like hungry and poland do not want to take any muslim refugees. countries like denmark and the netherlands also don't want any migrants. even great britain and ireland say they will take very few. where are these people going to go? germany is being overrun. remember, migrants must be supported.
8:27 pm
governments must house and feed them. it will take decades before the migrants assimilate into european societies if they ever do. and this mass migration is not going to stop. once people in africa find out they can move to europe without consequence, millions, millions will begin to do so. so the next human wave will come from the african continent. meantime europe has no solution and president obama will not even acknowledge is drastic foreign policy mistakes. you want a worldwide mess? you have one. finally, hundreds of thousands of migrants will eventually find their way to north america. it's just a matter of time. here is is the bottom line. if the u.s.a. and western europe continue to blunder in the face of the jihad, and tolerate brutal dictators like the iranian mullahs, the world will
8:28 pm
devolve into continual conflict and humanitarian disaster. there is no question about it. and that's the memo. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. colonel ralph peters will reply to my analysis on the muslim invasion. and gutfeld and mcguirk with the debate preview. who do they believe will confront donald trump? we hope you stay tuned to
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personal story segment tonight as i believe i have made very clear cowardice and awful american foreign policy has led to a mass muslim migration that will effect the entire world. joining us now from washington with his view of the situation fox news strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters. what say you, colonel? >> first of all, i think you were much, much too soft on president obama. and a bit too hard on the eu. if america doesn't lead it doesn't happen. just look at a map of the middle east on the last day, on george w. bush's last day in office. there is broad peace across the middle east and africa. convalescing and obama promptly abandons backs the muslim brotherhood in egypt. gets rid of qaddafi without a plan what happens after. assad he has got to go and does nothing. draws red lines, does nothing. doesn't listen to the intelligence community when, for years, they are warning him about islamic state coming that he tries to
8:33 pm
blame the intelligence community. launches a feckless air strikes the combination of his fecklessness and coward disice his rhetorical bravado and utter incompetence. the spectacle that you are seeing, those refugees, the hundreds of thousands of refugees, the millions in the camps, they are obama's refugees. the hundreds of thousands of dead in syria and iraq and elsewhere, they are obama's dead. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> no, listen to this. the 2,000 years of christian civilization destroyed on his watch. that's on obama. the america doesn't lead nothing happens. >> here is where i disagree with you. and obviously i couldn't have been harder on president obama's foreign policy than i was in the talking points memo. the european union didn't help us from the jump. all right? germany, you know this, sent no troops to iraq, very few to afghanistan, whining all the way, all right? great britain did some.
8:34 pm
they did the most. australia, but they are not part of the union, they did some. but, france, lately they have been better, but in the beginning they were enabler of saddam hussein. they stood by they being the european union and watched all of this stuff happen that you just outlined. if they had given obama any support at all to go after obama he would have. he didn't want to go it alone and go up against putin. if miracle and france and britain had had said you know what? buck up, barack, you have got to get rid of this guy. you have got to go in and bomb him. he would have. i really believe that. i really believe that. >> i disagree. i absolutely don't agree. i'm not sure i want a heavily remilitarized germany. but even beyond that,. >> they can help out. it's a wealthy nation. they can help out with money. they can help out a lot of ways. they have didn't do anything. >> you know, we are doing a postmortem on what's happened to date and we see
8:35 pm
the horrible pictures from europe and elsewhere. and there is a back story on that. but there is a a lot more to come with putin moving to the middle east, with iran on the loose now because they know obama won't do nothing to jeopardize his treaty. >> stand up against iran? why doesn't iran stand up against the mullahs? they never do. >> you are right. but if we don't set the pace, nothing will happen. by the way, two things. the media reports, they are playing heavily on all these refugees families and a dead child. look at the wide angle lenz pictures. most of the people flooding into europe are young military age males from the middle east who won't fight to fix their own country. they have -- they have no right to asylum in europe none whatsoever. go back to syria and fix it fight and fix your country. the second thing is the media is missing this. most of the countries that are most vociferous against accepting refugees, poland, slovakia, hung hungary,
8:36 pm
certainia, bowl delaware i can't they suffered under rule. >> they can't afford this. >> germany is a graying population. they need workers. they thought they would get points for humanitarianism. now munich is overrun. they can't handle it. oktoberfest is going to it be a hoot this year. >> that's pretty nasty. waited until you see what happens. >> really it is. >> wait until you see what happens in africa. >> i agree. >> wait until you see. that's the next one. very provocative. good debate. we appreciate it when we come right back, another criminal murders a police officer, this time in kentucky and the alleged perpetrator may have ties to black lives matter. then gutfeld and mcguirk on what the candidates should do tomorrow night during the republican debate. moments away.
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8:40 pm
thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the truth serum segment tonight. killing police officers. on sunday in lion county kentucky, state trooper cammeron murdered following a traffic stop. police say 25-year-old joseph johnson shank of missouri shop trooper ponder dead. the perpetrator was himself killed by police a short time later after a chase. so who is this shanks? with us here now in new york city truth serum duo this evening. what do you have, eric. >>this is a horrible cold
8:41 pm
blooded murder of a law enforcement officer. ponder the kentucky trooper has only been on the force a year. he was in the navy. this happened on sunday night. there he is at his high school. this is three weeks ago when he went back to visit his high school in kentucky. he is sitting there other the other night 103 miles per hour a dodge avenger drove by him. driven by shanks. gets pulled over by pond der. two women in the car and kids 2 and a years old. what does trooper do does he rest him. >> no. pull him out of the car. >> no. >> he gets tries to get them a hotel room because none of the adults in the car have drivers licenses and shanks has a suspended license. so what does shanks do? he pulls off. he blows away. 115 mile-per-hour chase by the time the trooper catches up to him. police say that shanks took a gun, opened fire on the patrol car and killed him. >> then shanks flees. police track him down and shoot him dead? >> yes. >> what is shanks' history
8:42 pm
with black lives matter. >> he was at the protest and part of the protest in ferguson dealing with michael brown. had a facebook under a pseudonym with that authorities have absolutely authenticated that family members and friends tell the st. louis dispatch he was at those presses. they show him at the service for primary care call brown. he posted on a memorial for michael brown today black lives movement advocated against violence. he had one posted on the michael brown website more violence means less justice for michael brown. >> he was a black lives matter supporter but not in his rhetoric violent. >> that's correct. >> he lived in missouri. it's three miles from ferguson. it's an 8-mile -- 8-minute drive. >> we need to investigate this guy further to see if there were any ties to this group. >> just horrible. >> good report. now, the obama administration against type
8:43 pm
melissa is saying they have removed 400,000 illegal immigrants from the obamacare roles. >> yes. >> is that true? >> it is true. here is the thing. according to this year's rolls you have 5 days to prove you are here legally. you are not supposed to have it if you are not legal. they brag about the people kicked off. i dug down teach in the obamacare website. the documents you can provide to say that you are legal is a mile long. at the bottom there is this category called other it says what kind of document do you have? like a note from your mother. >> get fraudulent documents and submit them. 400,000 who got booted off were too stupid even to get fraudulent fake stuff. >> probably their response was so egregiou had to throw them out people are saying if you load up your documents this many times you must be legal. you wouldn't want to alert the authorities you are here and trying to get health insurance. >> what is the general of medicare, for example?
8:44 pm
can illegal aliens access medicare? >>. no you are not supposed to be able to get services if you are illegal. but just like this website where there are a million different types of forms that are available there is also dinner ways to get around it. not supposed to get food champs stamps. that child get food stamps and services. get around it that way. there is work around all of these different things, when you confront people in washington they say no, of course you can't get these things if you are here illegally. >> very good, you guys, we appreciate it. gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. they have advice for the republican candidates in the debate tomorrow night. i can't wait to hear it the boys when we come back.
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back of the book segment tonight, preview of the republican debate is tomorrow night. before we get to the boys i want to tell you we will be on the air at 8:00 tomorrow with a political special, then at 11:00 p.m. eastern time, we will have the regular o'reilly factor after the debate. it should be a raucous affair. here now gutfeld and mcguirk. for cnn, right? >> i think they should cancel the early debate. four people on there rick springfield, jan brady, george jefferson and from the bionic woman. nobody knows who they are. public access version of the five. it really is. >> there are the candidates. >> we don't know who these people are. >> everybody knows who they are. >> everybody knows. >> who is the guy second from the right. >> there no my right. >> governor of the state you live in. >> yes, years ago he was somebody. now he is just a very tall man. >> he they're not going to cancel the early debate. >> what happened to gilmore. is he going to be there or what? >> you hated that joke?
8:49 pm
>> what is your advice to the prime time candidates? let's take donald trump? he was on earlier. what's your advice to mr. trump. >> my advice to mr. trump is to wear some body armor because is he like the gorilla on crack. >> you believe what he believes they are all going to go after him. >> they should go after him. if he this don't go after him i would have no respect. no business dealing with isis and putin and iran and all of that stuff. they have to go for the jugular. rand paul in rival with governor christie. mr. trump how are you going to run the economy whether you have had more bankruptcies than governor christie has had salads. be succinct and get in there quick. >> dr. carson says is not going to do. that is that a smart strategy, gutfeld? >> he is trying to be the quiet, confident type after a while he will have to step up and get out from behind these shad co-s of the outsiders like trump. rand paul, by the way. of he is the guy that basically showed up at the
8:50 pm
prom without a date. he is he very angry. i think he is going to have to turn over the punch bowl. he is the guy who will go after trump. >> here is the my prediction for the person most aggressive toward donald trump. carly fiorina. >> yes. >> i believe that ms. fiorina is going to steal the show tomorrow night but she is going to level. >> let's hope nobody gets punched in the persona. >> nobody is going to get punched? >> it's going to be a persona. a guy like jeb bush though, who everybody thought was going to be the frontrunner and was for a short time is now down to 6% in the latest cbs poll. he is almost invisible in this campaign, gutfeld. >> yes. >> so you are his advisor. now, he has got a shot tomorrow night to come back what do you tell him to do? >> he is up against an entertainer. when you are a policy wonk, you can't win by being trump. so you just got to be yourself. you have got to be strong. i think you have got to talk about national security and terror because that's one area where you don't see a
8:51 pm
lot of substance. you might see it tonight from trump but we haven't seen anything deep. >> all right. but bush has got to get emotional somehow. he has got to get emotion into his campaign. >> maybe a little bit of self-deposit pro-indicating. sneak out a can of red bull. >> you can't take anything except a pen and paper up on the. >> that will be part of his charm. >> i don't know. the two big issues that i i believe people want to hear about are the economy, number one. >> he yes. >> all right. and as i just asked mr. trump about sax playing. he is going to unfold it later. if he he does that tomorrow night, i think he is going to have some trouble because people are going to be expecting him to say something about that and i do believe national security is correct. i think people are, you know, watching what's going on in europe. if that happened here and it could happen here. >> if you marry terror plus technology we have apocalyptic threat like we have never have before that demands seriousness we have yet to see that. >> they don't agree on iran. we want to hear about the
8:52 pm
migrant crisis, isis, the black lives matter clowns let them all weigh in and get "on the on the record with t type of stuff. >> but there is nobody, i say this with all due respect who can outbombast donald trump. you can't do it. >> the moderators are afraid of him. other candidates can't count on the moderators. >> who is it? hugh hewitt. the talk show host. >> already apologized. >> who are the other guys? tapper? >> database and jake at that pointer. >> and lincoln chafee. >> no. he is not. he is a democratic candidate. >> >> i thought you killed him? >> no. >> okay. you guys going to actually watch the debate both of you. >> together, actually. i'm going to make margaritas. it's going to be awesome. >> maybe we have a remote. >> you should. that would be awesome. >> get somebody to watch 8:00 tomorrow. i will put a remote at your house. >> i already have one.
8:53 pm
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bell brook, ohio:
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bill bill give me a break. the senator deserved it we gave him plenty of time on this program and he was glad to have it and then he runs for president and dodges us? old country saying you dance with the one who brung you. watters danced with sanders and the country can decide who has the best steps. study hard but don't obsess. i learned a lot and went to grad school there many roads will be available to you. try your best and things will open up. thank you for the plug, mike. we will make it worth your while. you can also see us on october 24th at the rosemont
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in chicago. december 4th at the comerica in phoenix. all the other shows are sold out, bill o' will lunch you to the box offices. the don't be a pinhead shows with miller are a blast. and finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. the english actress emily blunt is no longer a british subject. recently, she became an american citizen, and that's a good thing. miss blunt is very talented, brings a lot of joy to people through her acting skills. but while pro-motel a movie, ms. blunt said this: >> i became an american citizen recently. and that night we watched the republican debate and i thought this is a terrible mistake. what have i done? >> emily says she was just kidding around. i will take her at her word. but, she is an ardent liberal. the supporter of senator elizabeth warren and simply giving the republicans some jazz. that's allowed in the u.s.a. however, here is the tip of the day.
8:59 pm
if ms. blunt or any other person really doesn't like opposing points of view politically, you can renounce your citizenship any time you want. no one is forced to be an american. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from bill o' also, spout off about the factor if you would like. o'reilly at o'reilly at name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day no nscinece. tomorrow night we going to be be here: most of you will want to watch the debate. then at 11:00 eastern time. 8:00 pacific, live o'reilly factor, no holds barred. analyzing the debate. krauthammer, hume, we have got everybody.
9:00 pm
i think ted cruz is going to be here. it's going to be a brawl tomorrow at 11:00. again, thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, less than 24 hours to go before the next presidential debate and we have a huge show for you. big news from the latest poll just out. four of the top presidential contenders join us with a preview of their debate strategy and new comments just coming in from donald trump. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we start with a live look at the uss iowa in california where mr. trump is due to speak momentarily about international challenges and veterans issues. giving him the chance to strengthen his standing with the military community. we will be streaming this live at fox at and e will bring you the news as it happens. but one of the big political stories today is the new polling, showing a


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